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Love cats? Entrepawneur?

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Starting a Business While Welcoming a New Cat: A Practical Guide

Statisticians studying occupational trends calculate that there are 582 million entrepreneurs around the globe. Maybe you've decided to increase this number by creating a home business to call your own. Building a startup is incredibly tough. Another set of challenges comes with welcoming a feline friend into your life. Handling both tasks at once is potentially stressful. Here are some tips from Feline Behaviour Coach regarding how you can tackle them simultaneously without worry.

Choose Your Kitty Wisely

Make sure the four-legged creature you're taking into your living quarters won't feel stressed by your daily activities. Understand that different breeds have unique personalities and thus distinct needs. Pick one that matches your working lifestyle and living arrangements. Check your kitten's medical background so that you aren't getting an animal with a history that causes it to have trouble adjusting.

Spend time getting to know the cat first. Many adoption centers have rooms where potential kitten parents can spend time with them. Approach getting to know one another in a manner that lets the cat be as comfortable as possible. You should be able to tell pretty quickly whether you have a connection.

Make Your Kitty Feel Settled

Now that you have selected a feline family member, it's time to introduce your pet to your residence. Cats are territorial beings. Because of this, you should provide them with a space they can call their own. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are great for this purpose. Have a litter box ready the moment Mittens arrives. Lots of modern ones are incredibly stylish. If you are more concerned with practicality, pick a self-cleaning one. Put it somewhere that offers a bit of privacy.

Despite cats being highly independent, you want yours to spend time with you during the workday. Encourage Tabby to enter your office by providing perches, a cat tree, and hiding spaces. Cat trees and condos are available at any pet store. If you're the crafty type, make your own. Including a scratching post provides a diversion that may save your fancy desk or ergonomic chair.

Do your best to create a low-stress environment for both of you by letting in natural light and adding a few potted plants. Make certain any new greenery is pet friendly, though. For a special treat, you could grow a little patch of catnip just for your new feline friends. Of course, your kitty is going to be most comfortable without pain. Visit your veterinarian, and schedule any necessary vaccinations and dental cleanings. Find out about your cat's genetic health with an off-the-shelf DNA tester.

Optimize Your Workload

The more time you spend with your kitty, the happier you both will be. Now that your office is an inviting spot for your feline friend, you'll be acclimating to one another faster than you would otherwise. Playtime is important, so take breaks from building your business to interact. There are many inexpensive toys ideal for strengthening your bond and soothing nerves.

Create a Roadmap for Starting Your Business

A business plan is a roadmap for your business that outlines your goals and how you intend to achieve them. It can be used to secure funding from investors, or simply to keep you on track as you start and grow your business. Writing a business plan may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to get you started:

● Identify your business’s primary goals

● Research your industry and your competitors

● Put together a financial plan

● Figure out how you’ll reach your target market

Manage Finances With Invoicing Software

Invoicing software is a must-have for any business. It streamlines the invoicing process, making it more efficient and accurate. With your invoicing software, you can easily create and send invoices to your customers. You can also track payments, view your sales history, and manage your finances. In short, invoicing software makes your life easier and your business more successful.

Your entrepreneurial journey is just beginning, and so is your relationship with a feline companion. Although these twin paths come with difficulties, each is rewarding. Doing them both in tandem is sure to yield ample dividends. But if you and your kitty are having a hard time settling in together, contact Feline Behaviour Coach. They specialize in helping cats and their owners develop a bond and learn to understand each other more effectively.

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